Wittgenstein’s Bookends

1  The world is everything that is the case. 7  Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent. – First and final propositions of Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus   4.112 The result of philosophy is not a number of “philosophical propositions”, but to make propositions clear.Read more


Protest the passing of the world. Mark and erase and paw and taw your way across the infinite palimpsest. An isolated instance of time seems to tear and pull apart to reveal the timelessness behind it, but that perception too lasts only a moment, not for, as you had hoped, ever. Anyway, who bothers to describe a thing except when they cannot attain it, when they have already lost it? To write at all is to embrace the passing ofRead more

The Copse

*** Fields of wheat undulate northward towards Pennsylvania. The sun lowers. I measure my steps, timing myself as color saturates the horizon. Once at the thicket I do not go inside. I did not plan my time. I left the dogs on the patio. Halfway circling the copse I see further northward more field, more islands of trees. By the time I reach home the light is nearly gone. A month later half the field lays fallow, half is a wallRead more


Space and time. I. two sounds, train and owl, signal through dark’s slow moving enclosure framing the land, untangling its shape with opposing agencies and a clarity other media are incapable of   II. these are the pastures of civilization these few acres, these few necessities a map unfurled in the cranial cave lit by the flame of some ancient genius as time flickers in and out   III. we cross the transept, into the anthropocene dumbly staring down theRead more

Dialog and Discord

There are no shared perceptions or sensations. Each self’s private sensations can only be understood when rendered as dialog. Things cannot exist un-uttered in the mind, independent of their names. Acutely private experiences brought into the world at large create dialog and also discord. Language both illuminates and baffles the intellect; while attempting to connect similar sensations through relatable experiences it can only do so on the common ground of fixed symbols which contort and confuse the idiosyncratic nature ofRead more

1984 : 1984

The zeitgeist of intelligent machines during the Cold War. On going development of an essay dealing with Orwell’s 1984, Gibson’s Neuromancer, Max Headroom, Skynet, Tetris, Soviet Russia and totalitarianism, Artificial Intelligence and the quest for Humankind’s fate/future.  *** Supercomputers. The CDC 6600 (which Cray designed) released in 1964. Mutually assured destruction (MAD), Reagan, early 1980’s increase in military investment. War Games, 1983. The year 1984 was more Gibson than Orwell. Where Orwell gives us Big Brother, doublethink, thoughtcrime, and Newspeak, GibsonRead more


The river is smooth and calm this evening, The peony flowers bloom. The moon floats on the current. The tide carries the stars. — Qian Qi (Tang Dyanasty)               SMRead more